Nothin’ But B-Sides In This World

Additional Moog

So …

Here’s the first band I’d like to plug – Additional Moog from, I think, Birmingham (ah, here we go, first band, first paragraph, first mistake!). Their first gig was apparently supporting KT Tunstall; they also seem to have some link with Pavement and a slightly unsettling obsession with ELO (best not to go there…)

On their Myspace page they say they are influenced by Wilco, Pavement and The Band, though I reckon I hear the Velvet Underground in there too. I really like their rootsy kind of sound, especially the drumming which sounds to my ears like someone just having some fun. I could try to go on, but I’d probably embarrass myself, and you wouldn’t read it anyway… I’ve chosen “Fault Lines and B-Sides” to link to, but they have another track available from their website.

So, give it a listen, I like it.

Fault Lines and B-Sides

Here’s the link to their own page, which, amongst other things, has this rather neat idea of telling people to bring their i-pods along to gigs and get an exclusive download direct there and then. Having been just been there, I notice that next week (20th Feb) is the release of their new single “Holy Jukebox”, which is a beautiful Byrd-sy pop song, that you’ll soon be able to download from i-Tunes and can hear on I’d love to be able to say that I’d tied all this in neatly to coincide with their first release, but alas, it was just damn fool luck.

But hey, that’s a good sign for my first entry, isn’t it?

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  1. Jerry Jodice
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 02:23:51

    Hey, I represent Admoog on my indie record label, Lost Cat Records, and want to thank you for your kind words and great photo. This is a wonderful band, and it’s good to see them getting some unsolicited support.


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