What do you say? Let’s get together sometime…

Let’s Be Honeys

Oh bugger it, I’ve stuck by rules for, oh, 3 posts now, time to start bending them!

These tracks are by (The?) Let’s Be Honeys who are not from the UK, but Sweden and have never played in the UK. Let’s Be Honeys are actually one feller called Nils Folke Valdemar with a refreshingly easy attitude to his music. “I want nothing more than for people to hear it” he says in his e-mail to me. Top bloke!

The track I’ve put up, reminds me it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s kinda appropriate. Actually I’m gonna put up two tracks because they’re just that good! I like both these tracks because they’re ridiculously catchy and simple. You get the impression that it’s just so damn easy!

No Love


Nils also contributes to another Blog site: Twee Pop Love!, and comes across as a thoroughly decent bloke on his own website. More power to you! (And I hope you do get over to UK one day… )

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