Honey walk with me, he said, Who’re you calling sweet?, she said

Josie Darkfolk

These are the first lines of another terrific country-tinged, bluegrass song from the good ole UK. I do believe some of us Brits do this as well as (if not better than) our cousins across the water. I am a sucker for the sound of a banjo or a mandolin, and lo and behold Josie Darkfolk from Birmingham and London seem to have got both.

According to their website, they have a background in punk and hardcore as well as bluegrass and country. There is an album recorded “The Triumph of Josie D” available from their gigs for £3 but as Ol’ Blue Eyes from the band tells me that they are not currently gigging, I’m not sure how you’d get hold of it. I’ll try to let you know…

I’m linking to “Never Be Alone” which is a lovely sloppy bluegrass song from the album, available from their website. The other two songs show a darker less carefree side to their songs, but I think I prefer this one, if only for the mandolin…

Never Be Alone

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