She had the remnants of a ghost in her eyes, a past love despised…

Look, I have a job you know, and I can’t see myself being able to update this blog as regularly as I have started off doing. But now… now is half term and I’d like to add a few more posts before the roundabout starts again

Neil McLarty

Now, I’m guessing this is not actually a picture of Neil himself, and if it is, the Leeds branch of River Island has different stock to the one in Gloucester. Heck! I like it!

Actually, I believe there are photos of Neil on his website, but I’m happier thinking of him this way, snatching a quick joke with the guys before getting back into the saddle. Shucks, these guys built America.

There are also some previews of his demo CD “Welcome”, but if you go to his Myspace page, there a couple of full length downloads to be had. And I particularly like this one, which has a beautiful country feel to it, and lyrics that I found rather touching.

Any Port in a Storm

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