My mind, it’s a single track, there’s no room for manoeuvre, no room for turning back…

Quiet Loner

Quiet Loner, it’s strange name isn’t it? And not one that would normally draw me to a singer. This whole singer-songwriter thing is something that I’ve always had a natural aversion to. One man’s James Blunt is another man’s street busker as far as I’m concerned.

But somehow, Matt Hill (for it is he) has overcome my initial prejudices and has presented a number of really well-crafted songs that have a beautiful country-tinged tone to them. As I have said, I am a sucker for banjos and songs about break ups, which seems to be Matt’s thing. I’m tempted to say, let’s hope that Matt’s luck has picked up a bit in the last few months, but maybe he could write a few more songs first…

The track I’m linking to here is “Dusk Settles”, which comes from his “Secret Ruler of the World” CD. You can also find it at Matt’s website, along with a couple of equally fine songs.

Dusk Settles

(I should say that Matt informs me that he actually shares a flat with David Armes from Last Harbour, a fact which I promise I was completely unaware of. Oh yeah you’re thinking, a bit of a coincidence, isn’t it.? But I prefer to look at it as some sort of synergy thing going on around this Blog, further proof, if any was needed, that all this was somehow meant to be…)

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