Baby, right and wrong still exists, no matter how much it feels like it doesn’t… sometimes it feels like it doesn’t round here.

The Tailors

You probably think I’m some sort of banjo toting fruit, but believe it or not I don’t always listen to Americana-type music! Just at the moment…

Right now, Country-tinged music is really striking a chord with me. Come back in a few weeks (please come back in a few weeks…) and I’ll be flooding the site with Dub Reggae or Psychedelia. But for now, however, you’re going to have to make do with just another cracking UK Americana band playing beautifully-crafted songs of their own that make you thank the Lord for Gram Parsons.

The Tailors are from London and (rather wonderfully) boast their own pedal steel guitar player – another sound for which I am a real sucker. Their website mentions a number of recent activities, including upcoming gigs and a regular evening they host at the Windmill in Brixton.

There are a number of free downloads from their site and from their Myspace page, all of which are great, I really couldn’t say any of them are any weaker than the rest, but the one I really like is this one, “Backslap Club”. I like the way it has a very simple rhythm but a really quite complex set of lyrics. It doesn’t (you’ll be pleased to hear) feature a banjo, but the pedal steel guitar is quite breath-taking. A real find…

Backslap Club

I should say that I’m almost certain I came across the Tailors a good year ago on someone else’s Blog site, well before I started scouring Myspace and when this site was no more than a glint in my eye… Unfortunately, I just can’t remember exactly where I saw them, so I can’t give the blogger the credit he or she deserves. If it was you, do let me know and I’ll put that right. Or you can simply rest secure in the knowledge that you got there a whole year before me, and are probably producing a much better Blog than this one…

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