Over for you until the next time, over for you until the right time…

The Left Outsides

The Left Outsides are a South London based guitar band, made up of Alison and Mark, with a nice line in sixties folk cum Psychedelia. Their website lists an impressive list of “friends and influences”, including Robyn Hitchcock and Elliott Smith, which probably tells you what you need to know.

The Left Outsides have recently released their debut ep on the I Wish I Was Unpopular label, and have a few other downloads available on their website. They also have a bit of a pedigree, Alison having played in Saloon, who achieved the number one slot in Peel’s Festive Fifty in 2002 and also having contributed to releases by Comet Gain and the Television Personalities (plus a few others I hadn’t heard of). They have other projects “on the go” (as they say), so go and have a look at their website.

I thought on hearing this track (Glad It’s Over) that it sounded like the Turtles or the Mugwumps, and when Alison e-mailed me to say that it was a cover of San Francisco sixties band The Living Children, I must admit to feeling a little pleased with myself… (The Living Children, by the way, are almost completely … er … ungoogleable. I was hoping to be able to hear the original, but was unable to find it, anyone help me here?).

While I’m admitting things, I should also make it clear that (once again) I’m only second place in writing about The Left Outsides. see the excellent Indie MP3 – Keeping C86 Alive!

The more I hear this track, the better it sounds, a really lovely combination of old style sixties garage punk and modern eclecticism, with a very modern use of a viola in the middle. What a beautiful dreamy record. Now if only they had a banjo player…

Now It’s Over

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