Put your braces together and your boots on your feet…

One of the things I’m enjoying about doing this Blog – far more than the actual writing of it, which is a bit of a pain to be honest, a bit too much like doing something constructive for my liking (I’m telling you, one day you’ll select Partly Porpoise from your Favourites menu – I should be so lucky, I know I know… – and it just won’t be there any more, and then you’ll wish you appreciated it more fully…

Sorry… one of the things I really enjoy about the Blog is the random trawling through Inter-space not having much idea of what you’ll find. And wow, there is some really startlingly good music out there, which takes you off on a completely different track musically.

Prince Fatty

Well, for all the banjo-toting ninnies that inhabit Myspace and so fascinate me most of the time, it’s really satisfying to know that there are also one or two Prince Fatties. Prince Fatty produces superb organ-based skinhead reggae that sounds just like late sixties Kingston and could easily be mistaken for Jackie Mittoo or the Harry J Allstars. Listening to “Ninas Dance” sounds like the soundtrack for a movie (probably starring Ray Winston), about young lads living on an East London council estate in 1971, spending the week looking forward to the weekend. You’d have to say it’s a helluva joyful sound. You can hear it plus three other similarly jolly tunes at Prince Fatty’s Myspace page.

I don’t know if The Prince (better than “Fatty”, I think) deliberately went out to make a record like Liquidator, but that’s what it sounds like to me, and that’s great! For my money you can never have too much Harry J. In fact, Prince Fatty is two people, Nasser on drums and Hammond Organ; and Trevor on bass and guitar, this according to their Myspace page, which, rather wonderfully, has as its strap line “Battling the forces of Evil with hippy reggae” Amen!

They also have a really clever website that allows you to play around at being King Tubby, twiddling with various knobs and dials that control loops from Ninas Dance. It’s certainly a lot of fun but doesn’t tell you an awful lot about Prince Fatty. Perhaps they’ll get in touch?

The track I’ve included here is Ninas Dub, which … sorry, I don’t need to spell this out for you do I? You’re intelligent people…

Ninas Dub

Now give me some of that old moonstomping!

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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 13, 2006 @ 21:58:40

    This is good


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