Matty Dredd vs The Originator

Feeling good this evening – the Lord knows why, have I misunderstood the situation? – So I’m posting two bands tonight, both of them great and both them covering that Upsetter-style sixties reggae thing which I really like.

In fact, what we have here is the first (and yeah, maybe the last) Partly Porpoise Skinhead Reggae Soundclash!

Matty Dredd

OK first up we have a track by Matty Dredd from Leeds, who has (rather sadly) become my first friend on Myspace, though I’m not yet sure what this means. (At this point I feel I should say that I do in fact have hosts of friends and spend inordinate amounts of my time getting into hilarious scrapes with the aforementioned friends – oh the stories I could tell…)

Right, back to the music. Matty Dredd has a Myspace page which currently has four tracks available for download, which he updates pretty regularly (I’ve just visited it and he has a new track available now, so it’s clearly worth re-visiting his page from time to time…) The track I’ve chosen is “Ride this Dub” which is a version of a track no longer available on his page called “Ride the Riddim”. It’s a really cracking dub of what was a pretty good song in the first place. I particularly love the haunting organ sound on it.

Ride This Dub

The Originator

The second track I have is by a feller who goes by the name of The Originator, which I think is one of the best spaghetti western-style names for a dub producer I have ever heard – Lee Perry must be gnawing his own arm off with frustration! I would love to be able to shout “I am The Originator!!!” at the top of my voice over a reggae soundtrack! Maybe one day…

The Originator has a Myspace page and comes from Brixton, and erm… that’s it. That’s about all I know about him, apart from the fact that he comes across as a thoroughly decent bloke in his email to me. He also mentions a music forum called Versionist, where people of a similar bent post latest tracks etc. I’ve had a look and it’s worth a visit, we may well hear more about them later.

The track I’ve chosen from The Originator is “Infamous Dub” which I think continues the outlaw theme rather nicely, and even features a horse whinnying over it inna “Scratch” stylee.

(Damn! I promised myself I wasn’t going to use the “inna something stylee” joke…)

Infamous Dub

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