Don’t leave my organs to a small defenceless child – I’m all fucked up inside.

I’ve seen this lot. Twice.

The Family Machine

In fact, I didn’t realise they had an online presence at all, until a couple of weeks ago, or I’d have put them on here from the start.

The Family Machine are a three-piece from Oxford, and they were great both times I saw them, playing a really infectious blend of tongue-in-cheek country and Indie styles, with liberal amounts of hand claps and whistling sprinkled into the mix. All in all first class entertainment.

They’re one of those bands that make the whole thing look ridiculously easy and (if that weren’t enough) that they’re having a laugh as well. Their between-song banter was also genuinely funny. I’d call them a bunch of smart alecs but they seemed such a decent bunch of blokes that I can’t even bring myself to do that. One of the features of the set I saw most recently was that they gave away CDs to members of the audience for “the best clapping”. In fact, I spoke to them after the gig, trying to buy a copy of their CD, and they’d actually given them all away! (Obviously a good night for clapping that one…)

I’m posting the only two free tracks I can find on the web, the first of which comes from the Beard Museum Site, and is called “Lethal Drugs Cocktail”. The Beard Museum is a club in Oxford with a number of good bands attached to it (and if you go to the site itself, I recommend the classifieds section, which made me laugh outloud). The second track is from their Myspace page, “Flowers by the Roadside”. I think it’s probably my favourite.

There are also a couple of streamed tracks on the Myspace page which are worth hearing. An album is apparently on the way in 2006, looking forward to it immensely.

Lethal Drugs Cocktail

Flowers by the Roadside

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