A few bits and pieces, links etc today.

(Some new music in the next few days.)

I’ve been meaning to put up a link to Acoustica for a while now, should’ve done it a while ago really. Acoustica is a monthly evening dedicated to “acoustic and semi-acoustic music” at Gloucester’s Guild Hall. It can be a bit hit and miss, but I look forward to it every month with a certain desperation, as it’s often the only live music I get to hear for a good few months. Last night’s affair was probably more miss than hit, with none of the acts being really my cup of tea (though I did buy David Francis’ CD), so I won’t post any mp3s. I do, however, have enormous admiration for anyone who can and does get up on a stage, so here are the websites of the three acts that appeared last night:

Kat Flynt
David Francis
Jane Taylor

Also wanted to post a link to another Blog – Uprock Narratives and Unknown Pleasures – which I’m enjoying reading regularly, partly because Martin is a regular at Kingsholm, the home of club rugby (as am I), but also because it’s kind of nice to hear someone else writing about and referring events to in my home town.

Lastly, I’ve heard from Additional Moog who have a couple of new songs available on their website, which sound pretty good at first hearing. I’m posting a link to “California Stars”, but get along to their website where there are three others.

California Stars

They’re also playing in Newport on 1st May, I wonder if I can get along?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cole
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 08:38:17

    Thanks for the mention of UNAUP chief. You have rendered me guilty after your even-handed and mature appraisal of Acoustica. I suppose I was stung badly by the recent Ryan Adams debacle and with the wounds not healing I am a little swift to bleat about poor quality live music. Perhaps I was a bit blunt in my views but I can’t see any point in writing a blog if you can’t be honest and, also, to be frank, not many people read the blessed thing anyhow. Where were you sat by the way? If I’d have known you were there (I didn’t get your message until later) it would have been good to have touched base.


  2. Sweeny
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 16:04:59

    We came in late actually, so I was near the door. Yeah it would be good to put a face to the name, going to the next one?


  3. Cole
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 17:54:11

    I’m certainly going to the Martin Stephenson Acoustica (I can immodestly mention that it was me who suggested him to Al as a possible performer)and am heartily looking forward to it. I first saw MS in about 1989 – a cracking bloke and he will suit the evening well. Will you be heading to Kingsholm on Saturday? – a really big game I reckon.


  4. Sweeny
    Apr 09, 2006 @ 20:47:00

    Can’t make it unfortunately, have got long lost relatives visiting. Have a bad feeling about it actually, Worcester are a bit like London Irish. Don’t fancy another home loss in a local derby!If you fancy a drink some time, drop me an email at Sweeny123@hotmail.co.uk it would be good to trade opinions!


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