A Good Thing

The other thing I meant to mention yesterday was that a couple of weeks ago I was sent a completely unsolicited e-mail from a new band that you might want to have a listen to. At the time I couldn’t decide what I thought about this. I think my judgement might have been initially influenced by another email I got on Myspace from an earnest young lady who suggested I “might like to meet up with her”. Tempting as the offer was, I decided not to encourage “this sort of thing”.


Having thought about it, I’m pretty convinced Birmingham-based indy band Geezer are not in any way linked to young Tatiana, and so I gave their site a visit, and listened to their tracks. To be honest It’s not really my sort of thing, and their site doesn’t actually offer any full length mp3s to download, so it’s not really suitable for PP, but still worth a visit, I’d say. They have a single due out in May, and in a rather democratic fashion allowed their fans to vote and choose which track it should be. The fans chose “Ellie May”, a sample of which you can hear at the website.

But overall I feel this is A Good Thing. I like the idea of bands contacting me and asking me to listen to their stuff – it makes me feel like a real blogger! So, at the risk of asking for trouble, I will say that I am quite happy for bands to contact me or even send me their stuff. Can’t guarantee I’ll plug it, of course, quality control procedures being as stringent as they are at Porpoise Mews…

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