I black out. I wake up. And you know I don’t recognise where I’m stood…

“High voltage man kisses night to bring the light to those who need to hide their shadow deeds”

The Klappers

“Some people have likened us to Captain Beefheart and his amazing band…make up your own mind” say today’s band, The Klappers, on their Myspace page, which is kind of a grand claim. The band come from Manchester and are a four-piece including two brothers, Phil and Joey Kinsella. They’ve had spots supporting the Paddingtons and Babyshambles, and are also big Screaming Jay Hawkins fans, which you can definitely hear in Phil Faulds’ howling vocals.

Actually, when you listen to any of the tracks I’m going to post here, you’ll catch the Beefheart-style vocals pretty quickly. There’s also a lot of trebly guitar work going on here which reminded me immediately of Electricity or Sure Nuff and Yes I do.

They’ve got a good Magic Band blues vibe going on, but I don’t think they can really claim to match the barking brilliance of the Captain, nor equal the sheer wonkiness of lines like the one with which I’ve started this post.

Having said that, these tracks really rock in a very basic, unfussy way which appeals to me at the moment. I think you’ll like them too… I’m posting all four of the tracks offered on their Myspace page, bundled up with a couple of surprises, and posted at Rapidshare.

The Klappers bundle

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