Ride out my luck, just keep holding on tighter

Gee, but aren’t the Easter holidays great? (I know, great if you’re a teacher, not so great if you’re not – and yeah it is a bit early to be celebrating Easter. We seem to have finished very early this year).

Rather than alienating the literally dozens of people currently reading this Blog, I’ll not go on about the life of a Southern Gentleman I am currently leading, and instead I’ll get on with the music.

First off, I’ve had some news from The Left Outsides (See! This is getting more and more like a real Blog every day!). They have a couple more downloads available, one from their website and another from their Myspace site. Here’s the link to the website one, another really good song.

Neon Rainbow – The Left Outsides

I’ve also heard from JSTAR, who mentioned a number of gigs and releases he’s been involved with. He’s a busy lad! I’m copying part of his e-mail, mostly to make it absolutely clear that I am indeed a “friend of the stars”, but also because I have to confess I didn’t quite understand all of it…

Nice one Andrew- thanks for the support and amusement. Well we haven’t been arrested for gratuitous language, nor sued for borrowing accapellas and putting records out that records companies wouldn’t.

JSTAR and my old mucker MC Honey Brown will be doing a kind of compering thing at Bristol Academy for ‘love music / hate racism’ campaign. Plus we get to go to Munich next week (arranged through Myspace!) – whether we’ll be invited back is another thing….

Oh yeah – and we’ll be adjusting our musical set accordingly, to appear at Reading’s WOMAD (World of mud and drugs), over the last weekend in July, in the reggae room with Trojan sounds and Heatwave dj’s.

We just released an unofficial dub mix of Ms Dynamite’s version of Ken Boothe’s ‘Fall in love ‘on 7″ – but it was limited to only 253 copies. A 12″ will be out with a dub of the dub (ie no record company parts appear) + the ‘step 1’ track off mice bass and a Dubby rap thing courtesy of DJ Vadim’s rapper ‘Blu Rum 13’.
Enough mad names yet?

(I’m an old feller, now, and find it hard to keep up sometimes – I did follow it as far as the part where he talks about a dub of a dub, but from then I was out of my depth, sorry J!)

The Brides of Neptune

Am also waiting impatiently to hear from a new band (or at least new to me) called Brides of Neptune who have a number of tracks on Myspace, and who play “downtrodden, drug fuelled country blues” according to their profile, and whom I rather like. Not much more information about them, I’m afraid (Oh, they’re from Manchester…er, that’s it.), but they’ve promised me some more information. (I’m a patient man, Jim…)

I didn’t want to wait to post this track though, because it’s a good ’un. So here it is – I’ll let you know when I’ve got some more information about them. G Love & Special Sauce anyone?

Seven – The Brides of Neptune

(It’s directly from Myspace, so if the link is slow, be patient, or wait for the compilation I will be putting together when I have enough new tracks…)

Don’t leave my organs to a small defenceless child – I’m all fucked up inside.

I’ve seen this lot. Twice.

The Family Machine

In fact, I didn’t realise they had an online presence at all, until a couple of weeks ago, or I’d have put them on here from the start.

The Family Machine are a three-piece from Oxford, and they were great both times I saw them, playing a really infectious blend of tongue-in-cheek country and Indie styles, with liberal amounts of hand claps and whistling sprinkled into the mix. All in all first class entertainment.

They’re one of those bands that make the whole thing look ridiculously easy and (if that weren’t enough) that they’re having a laugh as well. Their between-song banter was also genuinely funny. I’d call them a bunch of smart alecs but they seemed such a decent bunch of blokes that I can’t even bring myself to do that. One of the features of the set I saw most recently was that they gave away CDs to members of the audience for “the best clapping”. In fact, I spoke to them after the gig, trying to buy a copy of their CD, and they’d actually given them all away! (Obviously a good night for clapping that one…)

I’m posting the only two free tracks I can find on the web, the first of which comes from the Beard Museum Site, and is called “Lethal Drugs Cocktail”. The Beard Museum is a club in Oxford with a number of good bands attached to it (and if you go to the site itself, I recommend the classifieds section, which made me laugh outloud). The second track is from their Myspace page, “Flowers by the Roadside”. I think it’s probably my favourite.

There are also a couple of streamed tracks on the Myspace page which are worth hearing. An album is apparently on the way in 2006, looking forward to it immensely.

Lethal Drugs Cocktail

Flowers by the Roadside

At least I’ve still got my tequila to take me away…

This one’s real quality!

About six months ago, I went to the Guild Hall in Gloucester (the only decent venue we currently have here) and saw a band called, … well, I won’t embarrass them here. Now I think I’ve already written about the paucity of decent music around my home town, and a few of the real stinkers I’ve been to see out of sheer desperation. Well, this was another one. These two middle-aged white guys playing “authentic” delta blues, were just dull… technically fine, but just … you know …colour-by-numbers. I’m sure you get the idea…

Adam Morley

What I’m fumbling around trying to say is that Adam Morley is really not like these guys. Try to clear your mind of all the well-meaning enthusiasts you’ve ever seen clear a pub back room on a Sunday afternoon, and give this feller a bit of a listen. I hope it’s not just me, but I can really hear a difference here.

Adam describes himself as sounding like a drunken Hawaiian down on his luck, which I rather like, but doesn’t really do him justice. He plays acoustic guitar but more intriguingly a Dobro, which is a steel guitar with an internal resonator to make it sound louder (as any fule no). Whatever it is, the man can play it!

The songs themselves are well put together too. The guitar work sounds to me like Leo Kotke, the songs like the Jack White performances on Cold Mountain or even the Holy Modal Rounders, and the vocals, well, a bit like Ronnie Lane or possibly Keith Richard.

He has a Myspace page, which is I’m afraid, where the links come from (so if they don’t appear to work, hang on for the Rapidshare compilation after Easter):

I also rather like the man’s whole attitude to his music. This, from his profile:

“I’ll be the first to admit that my music needed some time to mature. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so excited about so many different kinds of music and needed to calm down a little to let the influences settle. Now I’d like to make an album that I genuinely like myself. It’s going to be about the things that make my life better, my wife, my friends and booze.“

Give these a listen, you’ll enjoy them!


The Farm Farmageddon

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