Sounds in my Mind Take Control

Really loving that Richard James album. There’s no downloads available, but take it from me, it’s great – just get it!

In fact, if you go to emusic, you can take advantage of their 50 free downloads offer, download the album here and still have 38 tracks to squander however you see fit. It’s win-win as far as I can see…

Wanted to catch up on a few bits and pieces, ready to do some proper posting over the weekend.

The Left Outsides

I had an e-mail from The Left Outsides with some tour news (see their site) plus a new download that they’ve made available. I rather like it, it sounds to me like something Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci might do. I’m not sure if there is a genuine resemblance here or that it’s just because as a result of the Richard James gig last week, I’ve been somewhat OD-ing on Gorky’s recently. Tell me what you think…

The Chameleon – The Left Outsides

Additional Moog

Additional Moog have also made a new track available on their site, and have contacted me about an Americana evening they are hosting in their home town:

“BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME – The name of our semi-regular gig night we’re launching in Birmingham showcasing lo-fi/Americana/acoustica artists. We’ll launch at The Sunflower Lounge on June 16 – playing our album-in-progress which we’re recording right now. Sam Watkins is our special guest.”

Cruising by Moon – Additional Moog

Myspace Bands

I also wanted to post a link to the excellent Indie MP3 – Keeping C86 Alive! which is another Blog that uses Myspace. The link is to a list Tom has compiled of “C86 & C81-type bands” who have a presence on Myspace. I’m often surprised at the way Myspace doesn’t seem to have much of a reputation amongst (ahem) serious bloggers, so I’m rather pleased to see one of the best UK bloggers getting stuck in. Good man.

C86 bands

Lastly, I shall be at the rugby again this weekend. The Cherry & Whites’ last game of the season has turned into being rather a big one against one of the teams we love to hate. I won’t bother explaining the ins and outs of it (you’d only smile politely), suffice to say, it means a LOT to us…

Gwaan Glaws!

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