Do you fly? Of course I do. Wouldn’t you too?

You Can’t Eat The Word Food

It’s a name and a half, isn’t it? Apparently the name for a song, originally, that took on a larger iconic significance over time (or so it says here).

You Can’t Eat The Word Food are four mates from Glasgow, who have apparently grown up together and been playing for a good six years or so. Their Myspace page describes them as Indie / Rock / Psychedelic with influences from Can to Supergrass to Johnny Cash. There’s certainly a pretty decent dose of the sixties in here and I reckon I can hear some Beefheart in the mix too (though to be honest everything seems to have a pinch of the Captain to my ears these days…)

Duggy tells me that the Food (no really, I have an e-mail to prove it) have signed for Headhunter Records in Glasgow and plan to rehearse for the next year, before they release an album on the label. I don’t suppose they’re likely to venture down as far as Glaws but, if you get the chance I reckon they’d be a lot of fun live.

I’m posting a couple of tracks from their Myspace page, the first one “Shaving the Monster” being my favourite, because I like the really catchy and sometimes scratchy guitar work. The lyrics are kinda fun too (“A most particularly nasty figment of my imagination … a most decidedly useless creature if I did ever meet one…”).

There are also a couple of other tracks available from their page too, which are worth getting.

Suck Suck

Shaving the Monster

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