And thus concludes our Portuguese odyssey…

(in the words of Patty and Selma…).

Well, we’re back from Lisbon and a second week in Sintra, and have had a terrific time of it, despite all the Heathrow shenanigans. Lisbon is a rather wonky old city full of delightful old houses, elevadors and trams, all of it a little down at heel, and regularly dotted with construction sites and dilapidated buildings in need of pulling down.

The only real disappointments were the lack of any music I could get my teeth into. The guide books would have you believe that Lisbon still oozes traditional fado music in the cafes and on the streets, but all I can say is that I came across none of it. The overwhelming majority of music I heard was horrible old dance mish-mashes and regular MTV pop. If I wanted to listen to any of the traditional music of the Portuguese people, I would have had to go to self-appointed fado houses that also involved buying expensive meals, and (a new one on me) paying a charge as you left if you had not spent enough money. Well as I’ve already said I can’t say that fado is really my cup of tea and frankly, I couldn’t be arsed…

One of the things I did really enjoyed about Lisbon, though, was that one of the things the Lisbonetas really like to do (aside from street barbecues and climbing to the top of buildings for a look-see) is sign things and add highly political cartons to them. Just about every building in Lisbon is covered in street art and grafitti, which continued as we moved out of the capital, which all reached new wacky heights when I saw (I swear) a haystack in a field which had been elaborately tagged.

So what I’m going to post here is a couple of tracks by a Portuguese band called Bar or possibly Baraberto (my Portuguese has not progressed much further that your bog standard “two beers and two cokes, please”), who I will try and find out more about. Let’s just say that they are not fado. I’m also going to post a few photos we took of some of the street art we came across, which will certainly be one of the things I’ll treasure about Lisbon…

Novembro – Baraberto

Corre Corre – Baraberto

Lisbon Grafitti

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  2. Anonymous
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