Can you fetch my coat because I don’t feel too great…

This week I went to see Milburn at the Guild Hall with Martin, and it was a fairly good natured, noisy affair which pretty much hit the spot (as they say).


I’d kinda heard of Milburn before, though most of the bits and pieces I’d read about them seemed to hinge on links with the Arctic Monkeys, which must really hack the guys off. (Though to be fair, you can see a resemblance, and I think they have toured with the Monkeys, so maybe it’s not such a lazy comparison after all). They’ve got a mod-ish sort of sound, which reminded me of the new mod revival bands that flooded the pages of Record Mirror and Sounds in the days when I first started buying records. (Secret Affair anyone?)

Anyway, I think they’re pretty good, lots of powerful chords and hooks that set the sprung floor of the Guild Hall throbbing impressively.

I recommend you check them out. The website gives away small samples of current tracks but there is a fan site, here, which gives away recordings and demos and is well worth a visit.

Lipstick Lickin’

Supporting them were Leeds’ Pigeon Detectives, who were clearly a couple of steps down the food chain from Milburn, and who looked a to me a little nervous on stage still – but were all right, really.

As I think I’ve said before, though, there’s something about these sorts of gigs which makes the Guild Hall’s sound man lose all sense of perspective. I’m guessing all the various knobs and dials were up at 11 in classic Spinal Tap mode, and really the sound was so bass-y and fuzzy that it was hard to hear very much. When I looked up the Pigeon Detectives on Myspace, it was a pleasant surprise to hear what they actually sounded like … and I’ve just no idea whether they played this on the night. Whatever, it’s a good track.

(Yeah, I know how old all this makes me sound, but wtf?)

Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

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  5. Anonymous
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 07:12:00

    Lead guitar and vocals are also cousins with Arctic Monkeys bassist, Nick O’Malley.


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