Suffer from a lack of concentration…

After a week crammed full of Christmas rehearsals and excitable children, it kinda seems appropriate to come home and listen to a bunch of noisy oiks banging away at guitars in a way you’d have to describe as “traditional”?

It just has to be done sometimes…

The Dogs

The Dogs are a bunch of lads from London who according to their Myspace page have been around a couple of years and have a batch of singles and an album under the belt, all of which were apparently well received but which crept under my dodgy old radar. With there being quite a number of back-to-basics new wave bands making names for themselves these days, I’m kinda surprised the Dogs aren’t big stars already.

There’s a potted biog on one of their Myspace pages, plus three … well… barnstorming tracks for the taking from their other Myspace page. I’m particularly keen on the demented guitar work on Spring’s Not Always Green.

Spring’s Not Always Green


Tuned to a Different Station

The Dogs have a single out at the moment (“Today!” it says on the website, although it said that yesterday…) called Soldier On, and, as is more and more the case these days, the video of it is on Youtube:

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