Thump, bump, bumpedy (pause) bump.

That’s the sound of my blogging reputation taking an ignominious tumble down a long flight of stairs, and ending up sprawled face down among the burger wrappings and old newspapers.

You remember I was feeling somewhat pleased with myself (not to say a little smug) about getting somewhere with this Blog? I was even beginning to privately entertain thoughts of a Kid Jensen-esque reputation amongst the Bloggers Who Know.

Additional Moog

Well, anyway, it’s official. I’m rubbish.

One of the bands, I … erm… “championed” in the very early days of PP, Birmingham’s Additional Moog, have released their first album, in fact it’s been out for over two months. Somehow, it’s completely skipped under my (clearly faulty) radar, and now I’ve been made aware of it by Lost Cat Records, I’ve a feeling the band themselves did let me know about it at the time. Even more embarrassing for me, is that it’s on Emusic, and I’ve somehow missed the release there too.

Anyway, first impressions are that it’s going to be pretty listenable, with a softer, better produced sound than the independent tracks available on their site. There’s still a real country tinge to their sound which I wouldn’t want them to lose, and some interesting choices of instrumentation which keep you on your toes. Stand out tracks at the moment would be “Soul Star” and the really beautiful “Alaska”

There’s also a single out, “The Bit War”, that has apparently just about sold out, but is also available as a free download from here.

New Wave of British Country anyone? [Copyright, Sounds c1980]

The Bit War

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