Witness the majesty that is… the first Partly Porpoise Interview!

Pushing the boat out here…

In order to pad out a review I did for Fuse magazine on the Hoden Lane / Buzzcocks gig last month, I got in touch with Andy from Hoden Lane and didi a sort of e-mail interview thingie:

Fuse caught up with the youthful garage punksters and asked them what they made of the gig, a bit weird or an honour to support a legend?

We have played at the guildhall before, when we supported The Rifles so knew what to expect.” said singer Andy, “It’s always better playing to big audiences, whatever the age, luckily we like to think we branch out to anyone who likes listening to some decent tunes and it was nice to get some good responses from the Buzzcocks gig. We just wanted to play for longer, though !!!!

Definitely. Will we be seeing you again in the near future?

We love playing at The Guildhall and would play more around Gloucester if there were places to play. We play in Cheltenham at the 2pigs a fair bit but want to play more around Gloucestershire as the Birmingham scene is dead as a rabbit in the middle of a Robin Reliant. People who go on about how great Birmingham is are just complete nutters…the only thing Birmingham has got going for it is that its right on the motorway…so it’s dead easy to fuck off quickly to somewhere else!!!

According to your Myspace, Oasis, the Libertines and Milburn are influences, are you big showbiz pals with any of them?

Bands like The Libertines and Oasis are influences purely because of what’s happened in the UK over the past 10 years, we are quite close with Milburn after meeting them a few times, as well as meeting up with The Zutons. But we would never try and blag a gig off them or anything like that, they get that so much…

Any older influences?

The Small Faces and The Who are also big influences as well as the obvious ones like the Stones and The Beatles. You just really have to appreciate music whatever type and take whatever you can from it. The good thing about our music is that our influences range individually, for example me and our guitarist (Bez) are heavily into The Libertines, The La’s, Hendrix, The Who and The Beatles, with Smeg (bass) into Radiohead and The Jam and our drummer into everything from Dirty Pretty Things to Green Day. Its dead hard to try and get some notice as there are shitloads of bands out there, never mind just Gloucestershire, the whole of the south west and the Midlands has some cracking bands. The most important thing is that we are having a laugh, there’s no point going out with the attitude of wanting to be signed and thinking you’re a failure if you don’t. We prefer to write, play and record wherever, whenever we can and meet people and have a good time doing it…

So, where is Hoden Lane? What’s the significance? Hoden Lane is a place where Fenders and Rickenbacker guitars grow on trees, a place where ice cold beer runs from the taps and where stunning dark haired Latino women walk around asking if you would like… a refill… Don’t you think Hoden Lane sounds cool?

Well when you put it like that, it kinda does…

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