You can’t count on me for anything…

I’ve been off for the last couple of weeks getting a rather sobering dose of what we laughingly refer to as the real world. Quite enough of that thank you.

Let’s get back to not doing much, eh?


Poking around the Hidden Hive site, a couple of weeks back for the previous post, I came across this lot. At the time it didn’t seem to be quite as much fun as Flotation Toy Warning, but it’s really grown on me since.

I don’t know a whole lot about Gintis, and there’s not many clues from their Myspace page aside from the highly laudable:

“If you like your music to come with scarves, blazers, shit haircuts played by pretty boys in jeans way too tight, then just fuck off now.”

You have to say, though, that they sound a helluva lot like Mercury Rev or Grandaddy, with a really rich (can I say “orchestral”?) sound that sees what sounded like simple songs developing into much more complex affairs. Perhaps predictably, they seem to have some sort of close links with Flotation Toy Warning, and the latter’s Ben Clay has written a review of Gintis’ album, Happy Drunken Accidents, for the website, here, which is worth a read.

Hidden Hive do have another couple of bands that sound pretty interesting too and it makes me wonder if there’s some sort of cosy Elephant 6- style collective going on there. I think I should probably investigate…

People Defiant

Wonderful Show

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