Thinking of drawing a line at praying to the Dark Lord with you…

I’ve got some more recordings from Green Man that I’ve cleaned up and made as good as I can…

The Broken Family Band

This set was probably at one of the more miserable points of the weekend, Saturday tea time, rain all day and it was still drizzling, the walk ways were getting more and more churned up, etc. But I’d been looking forward to seeing this bunch for a good while, and it was seeing their name added to the bill that finally convinced me to part with my money and order my ticket back in March. So, this one was a must for me, and it was a good set, although I reckon a dark and sweaty pub might be more suited to their sound.

The first track was not one I knew, although I haven’t heard their new album yet. It sounded like it was called “New Looks”, but I’ll be happy to be corrected on that one. “Living in Sin” has always been one of my favourite tracks, so I was pleased to hear the opening bars of that one too…

The dope talking over the first notes of “Happy Days Are Here Again”, complaining about rain on the lens of his camera was my first born, has since been led away and shot…

New Looks (Live at Green Man 2007)

The Booze and the Drugs (Live at Green Man 2007)

Again comments on quality are welcome.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Aug 24, 2007 @ 18:15:00

    I’m going to miss you when I go.Are you sure you have enough curry?


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