Who wants to be the last of anything?

I’m trying to get through these quickly but it seems to be taking a while, eh?

Devendra Banhart

I’ve put up two sets today, both of which I enjoyed immensely. The first is this one from Devendra Banhart, which featured a full band (made up largely, as I said yesterday by members of Vetiver), and was not quite the kooky acoustic affair I was expecting. In fact opinion on the Green Man message boards has been pretty mixed, a number of people not going for his full band sound. The word “Santana” was mentioned at one point. (No need for language like that…). But Michael and I had a great time watching.

I should say that the set also featured a sort of impromptu open mike section, where he invited anyone who’d recently written a song on stage – a game lass from Newcastle jumped on stage and did her thing. I’ve included this part in the recording but to be honest I could have done without the whole thing…

Devendra Banhart, Green Man 2007

Soft Hearted Scientists

The second session I’ve got here was a great set from Partly Porpoise favourites the Soft Hearted Scientists, whom I fear I’ve neglected somewhat recently. They cheered up a fairly bedraggled audience with their gentle mix of atmospheric keyboard sounds and quirky songs, and played a combination of songs from their first album and their new one which has just appeared. The versions of “Brother Sister” and “Wendigo” were particularly good, I thought.

Soft Hearted Scientists, Green Man 2007

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Simon W
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 21:26:00

    Yeah, my wife and I also were pretty disappointed by Devendra. I’ve seen him before and thought that his showmanship was a breath of fresh air, but this time it took over and the whole experience was hollow. That whole deal with the audience member getting up on stage was a cop-out. If they had stayed on to back her up, it could have been worthy, but they just buggered off backstage! Musically it was a little corny. I was planning to see him again in Manchester, but won’t bother now…


  2. Simon W
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 21:28:00

    Oh, by the way – cheers for uploading all the recordings from Green Man. Much appreciated. I’ve uploaded a few Green Man videos to YouTube if you’re interested.


  3. Sweeny
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 11:00:35

    D’you know, as soon as the lady came up on stage, I found myself thinking, “but I wanted to see Devendra playing, not you…” and then castogated myself for being so small-minded. But at the time, I though it was a one-off piece of spontaneity, not a regular party piece.I’ve got a couple more recordings to upload, too, if you’re not all fed up of them…btw have looked at some fo the Green Man vids, are you TraderWoody?


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