Kissing you, tell me I belong.

Not sure if any of you notice this sort of thing, but, Bloggers everywhere are, to a man, going, well, feral about the new Burial album, Untrue.

It’s a great record, mind.

I’m far too old for all this dubstep thing, really, but now I’m beginning to get a bit of context, I’m getting something of a taste for it. Untrue is certainly a cracking release, full of distorted vocals, pops and fizzles, and at times an almost overwhelming gloom. I lived in South London throughout my twenties and the harsh landscape it manages to summon up is not a million miles away from my experiences. It’s very powerful.

There’s frankly no point in me posting any tracks from it, it’s all over the Internet already (a quick search on Hype Machine should do the trick – I recommend “Archangel” or “Etched Headplate” as good tracks to come in on) but I really do recommend reading this interview from The Wire magazine. The feller behind Burial doesn’t do photographs, gigs or … really anything apart from make music, so it’s worth reading it for that alone. But on top of that, I found what he has to say about MR James a good way in to the record; and his assertion that ghosts of ideas linger is itself an idea that has stuck with me this week…

“I love it out there, because when it’s dark, it’s totally dark, there’s none of this ambient light London thing. We used to have to walk back and hold hands and use a lighter. See the light, see where you were and then you’d walk on, and the image of where you’ve just were would still be on your retina.”

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  1. Cole
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 11:29:00

    A good tip, comrade, on the Wire interview. Interesting for many reasons. Playing the Untrue CD as I write this. My second play and a few more layers are appearing and I can sense it’s something special.


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