Two exits wouldn’t be enough to let me go…

It’s funny how tracks make no impression on you one day and then the next sound incredible. Funny and, if you’re anything like me, somewhat haunting – what classics have I ruthlessly and casually deleted from my PC? Should I go back through my Recycle Bin and listen to everything again? For a moment I am paralysed with a sense of duty…

Don’t worry, it passes. Anyway, a cosier way to look at it is that the tracks that I do return to and hear them in a different light (…if can you do that…) were somehow meant to be. Saved from the delete button by a higher force, maybe. A sense of musical destiny, if you will.

Don’t worry, that passes too. Whatever. I was just trawling through a bunch of tracks I’d snagged off the Asaurus site a good few weeks ago and came across this.

Winter Vacation

Winter Vacation are actually one chap – David Yourdon, from New York who plays in The Pathways and has this as his side project. I need to go and listen to the Pathways records, because these Winter Vacation tracks are terrific. I’ve read a few reviews of The Netherlands, 1980, the Winter Vacation album, and the words “slender”, “fragile” and even “geeky” all seem to come up with some regularity, and you can see why. The tracks I’ve got here are distinctly quirky and have a real home-made feel to them, and the lyrics are worth persevering with.

I’m posting a couple of tracks that I really liked, one from the Asaurus website and one from The Pathways site, but there are other tracks available on both those sites. I’ve picked these tracks because I liked the way that both of them take unexpected turns in the way they are put together.

The Greenest Age

World Colour War

Both tracks come from The Netherlands, 1980 which you can buy here.

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