Deep as lakes and dark as stars

Not a lot going on here this fortnight, eh? Just right for a new Lucky Seven.

Seven more tracks that have forced themselves upon my consciousness, mostly new stuff I’ve bought this month from Emusic, though when I say “new”, I mean… well you know, we’ve been through this…

My Rights Versus Yours – The New Pornographers
Chinese Radiation – Pere Ubu
Fleece on Brain – Matthew Dear
Devil’s a Go-Go – Blitzen Trapper
9Samurai – kode 9 and the spaceape
Fire Dub – Israel Vibration
Emily Kane – Art Brut

Particularly keen on the Pere Ubu track from Modern Dance, partly as I remember hearing it on John Peel way back in the day, and then seeing a copy of it in Backstage Pass, the only independent record shop in Gloucester.

And nearly buying it. Ah…

The Art Brut track is also a real belter, as is the whole of their first album (second one not so instantly recognisable, imho). Art Brut, incredibly, are coming to Gloucester in a fortnight.

Lucky Seven 4

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