It looks like I’ve got a little George Washington of the mouth

Leading a fairly straight and unremarkable life, it’s often rewarding to hear music whose orbit veers wildly away from my own. May be we should all take the time to embrace a little weirdness once in a while, and so I’ve got a couple of posts here from bands who are unquestionably “out there”.


Locks are Theo Katsaounis and Patrick Scott from Chicago, and you’d have to say that their music is, well, innovative. Actually, call it what you will (lo-fi, experimental, DIY), basically they make stuff up, using samples and instruments in ways Joe Average here could never imagine. Read this, from the Static Station website:

“Bad Words was created slowly and randomly over the course of a year being assembled and performed in Patrick’s apartment and it’s basement. Recorded by the band, with no budget meant “anything goes” and it did. Need a snare drum sound? Sample an oven door. A synth tone? how about wiring a mixer backwards so it feeds back on itself. Reverb? How about a mic in the ductwork of the apartment with someone singing in the other end? A beat? How about someone dropping a box and swearing? All these sounds are found on Bad Words and in no way are they arbitrary, everything seems like it was put there on purpose, even if it was just a happy accident.”

I like the sound of this, and the dropping box and swearing sample is on the first of the tracks I’m posting here. Never occurred to me that “shit” repeated does sound a little like brushes on a hi-hat… Read more about Locks here.

Bad Words is their ep/album, released on Static Station, last August, and you can of course get it on Emusic.

Quit Fanning Yourself, You’re Making Me Hot

Fly Information (mp3)

Tempermentalista (mp3)

More On This Album

[I’m having another look at IODA Promonet, at the moment, which is why some of these links look a little different…]

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