If you’re a regular reader of this Blog (…you can insert your own joke at this point…), you may remember that about a year ago the Buzzcocks came to Gloucester, and I rather lamely suffered a perforated eardrum due to Steve Diggle’s obsession with getting the sound up to eleven.

Anyway, the best part of the evening was the support band for the evening Evesham’s Hoden Lane. I wrote about it here and they were good enough to answer a few questions for us, here. Well, a couple of weeks ago I received a CD from the same guys called The Mustard Tapes. I’ve only just got round to listening it, I’m afraid, but it’s pretty good, with the same mixture of bouncy guitar-driven Britpop that I enjoyed at the Guildhall last year.

Not sure what the band have been doing this year, although they seem to gig pretty heavily still, and regularly update their Myspace page with new songs, some of them very good. I said I’d post a couple of tracks, so here are my two favourites, a couple of belters that I’ll be humming for a good couple of days…

Mr Mustard

Love is a Riot

And a quick glance at YouTube brings up this…

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