Woke up this morning with but one single thought on my mind – “Find some new music for those Partly Porpoise readers” (oh, and “Warm up those double choc muffins for breakfast”). Sorry, two single thoughts on my mind.

I’ll do it again…

I woke up this morning with one single thought on my mind but it didn’t really work out that way. Nothing really grabbed my attention on the Internet and I don’t want to give you any old rubbish. I am working on some new music, and there’s one my (ahem) interviews in the pipeline, but nothing as yet.

So I thought it’s probably about time for one of these…

Lucky Seven 6

It’s a funny old selection this time, in fact as I look at it, there’s music from all over the world in a manner of speaking – Argentina, brazil, Texas, Albania and (of course) Jamaica. You’ll have to take my word for it that I haven’t done this in a self-consciously clever way; it’s just the stuff I’ve been listening to this month or so.

Pogonishë – Hala Strana
Warrior (extended mix) – Johnny Clark
Slowly – Amon Tobin
Apologies to Insect Life – British Sea Power
El Capitalismo Foraneo – Gotan Project
King of Nothing – Old Time Relijun
Ten O’Clock – ? and the Mysterians

Lucky Seven 6

I think it’s a pretty good listen, particularly the Question Mark track which was a new one on me. I found out that apparently Question Mark suffered a devastating house fire at the beginning of the year, in which he lost a number of pets and amongst other things a considerable amount of memorabilia, including, tragically, the actual Vox organ that that famous riff was originally played on.

[Never mind the quality, feel the width…]

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