Look who’s back with a brand new style, a brand new look and a brand new smile.

This is, I’m afraid, a grossly misleading title, suggesting as it does that I have in some way made a revamp of this site. I haven’t. It’s more of the same really…

I’m getting a bit lazy, these days.

I don’t mean the old “it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted” apology, which is pretty much standard fare amongst bloggers (certainly this one). I’m more talking about the way I get my music fixes of recent. I’m usually a bit of a beachcomber, lifting up rocks and poking sticks at things that move, working my way up the shoreline, bucket brimful of dubious treasures.

But like I say, I’m getting lazy these days and doing my shopping by more conventional means (I’m tempted at this point to try to tease out my seaside fishing metaphor a little further, but I shall hold strong). Basically, I’m saying I’ve not got anything to put up which is actually genuinely new (as in, you’ve never heard this before), but I have got hold of some cracking new records at Emusic in the past few weeks, particularly from the wonderful Nacional Records, based in California but specializing in Latin American beats.

The Pinker Tones

One of the “new” albums I’ve heard recently is by this lot. The Pinker Tones are from Barcelona and are the plaything of a pair of inspired Catalan DJs called Professor Manso and Mr Furia. They have a sound that is quite deliriously exotic at times, based in dance music, which is not really my cup of tea normally, although there’s enough general oddness going on in there as well that I can live with a few iffy break beats. The album I’ve got is “The Million Colour Revolution” which is now a couple of years old, although it still sounds really fresh to these jaded old ears, and I’ve played it to death this fortnight.

I really like the Karma Hunters track from this album, as it’s just impossible to listen to it without smiling (haven’t got a clue what it’s about, mind), and the whole album’s a lot like it. They kind of remind me of Of Montreal, with their cutesy cleverness. Watch this…

Anyway, the Pinker Tones have a new record just out (last week, I think) called Wild Animals out on Nacional Records.

I’m posting a track from the new record “Happy Everywhere”. The other tracks are both from Million Colour Revolution.

Karma Hunters (mp3)

Happy Everywhere (mp3)

Sonido Total (mp3)

More On This Album

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