Can’t look back, as a matter of fact, all I wanna do is make it through the door

Well. Who’d’ve thought it?

Already almost a fortnight since Brighton…

Sound Sanctuary

We used to spend a lot of time in Brighton during the eighties, hanging out and spending money we didn’t really have. It was a great place, and I always liked it more than London. So twenty years later, and wanting to celebrate a bit of a milestone, it seemed about time to go back. It was a lot of fun and we were gratified to see a number of former haunts such as Food For Friends, Wax Factor, Grubbs and the Duke of Yorks all still there.

We also found our way to the rather cool Joogleberry Playhouse to see Sound Sanctuary

According to their Myspace page, Sound Sanctuary are from Sevenoaks, and are usually a four piece. (I’ll not bother going through all the details – you can read the Biog here.) The night we saw them playing, though, they were missing their special effects man, so the set was a completely acoustic one. I’d heard some of the samples from their webpage and I was a little disappointed about this, not least because my concentration levels are not always good. (I like gadgets, basically). It was a good gig though.

On the Myspace page there is a free download, “Polarity”, but to be honest it’s not one of my favourite songs and I see from their site that it’s quite an old one – they didn’t play it in Brighton. But, you can get it here.

On the night, however, they were pretty damn good (even a man down) playing strong, well crafted songs which zinged along quickly enough to keep this punter occupied. Managed to make a few recordings which I think are quite successful in catching their simple guitar, bass, and really busy drum sound, but also how lively and engaging the performance was.

Lonely Fishes

Collapsed Lung


(It is that Regulate. I know. I’m not so keen on sensitive types “doing” hip hop, but actually it kinda works…)

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