Look into my eyes my sweetheart, justice must be done

If you’ve spent any time reading this Blog over the last couple of years, you’ll have probably formed an idea that I mainly write it in order to garner as many free tickets and CDs as I possibly can. If you have indeed got this message, I congratulate you on your keen-eyed cynicism. It’s all true.

One of the reasons why I’m not currently using old CDs to light my cigars, however, is that I’m not all that good at the whole business. A case in point.

Last Harbour

I first wrote about Manchester’s country Goths, Last Harbour, here, and get occasional emails from them about new releases. In fact I got one last month but in the general half-assed way that I’m afraid has grown to characterize this Blog, I forgot about it, and thereby missed a chance to promote their new EP. Who knows what goodies a prompt plug might have harvested?

Anyway, turns out “My Knowen Foe” is actually pretty good (if by now a little past its original sell-by):

A trip to their site will also yield a few mp3s which are worth hearing, especially this one:

Science Song

Again apologies to all … Whadya gonna do?

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