Santa (will be there!) Mickey Mouse (will be there!) Walt Disney (will be there!)

The start of a new term always gives a severe dent to the hopes you have of “a life”. And so it has turned out again this year. Ho hum…

(I’m exaggerating, of course, there was a staggeringly depressing afternoon at Castle Grim on the first afternoon of the new season, followed by a correspondingly euphoric afternoon in Bath last Saturday. There was drinking, on both evenings, for different reasons…)

Lucky Seven 9

But anyway, despite the lack of postings here, I have heard some great records in this last month, including some electrifying music from New York’s Slavic Soul Party! – I’m really enjoying the mixture of traditional Klezmer and modern break beats – and a truly (I mean truly) demented new album from the great Lee Perry.

So here’s the next instalment of your Lucky Seven:

Bees – Caribou
Trains and Boats and Planes – Laura Cantrell
Santa Claus – Lee Perry
Sorry ‘Bout That – Nancy Sinatra
Rumenka (remix) – Slavic Soul Party
Anyone Else But You – The Mouldy Peaches
Local Boy – The Rifles

Lucky Seven 9

Oh and, yes, we love Juno in this house:

And I was there…

A rare non-music post, so please feel free to let this one pass over your head, but let the record show…