We’re not here to apportion blame…

Hmmm… How best to approach this whole no-posts-for-a-month business?

Probably I should come clean and get on with some elaborate hand-wringing request for forgiveness. How could I be so remiss? And some old chat like that. Perhaps I could act like I’ve just been so-o-o snowed under. No time for such fripperies as posting on a Blog. Maybe I should just breeze back in and say nothing in a sort of “I owe you nothing bitch!” way. You knew what I was like before you hooked up with me, eh?

If only I could think up some clever linguistic device to help me use up a few paragraphs, and then I could get on with the music.

Oh, well, maybe they won’t notice…

I did kind of intend to post a list of some decent releases from 2008, but I’m beginning to suspect I may have missed the boat there (I dunno, what do you think?) and anyway, it’s been done by many more worthy bloggers (and by “more worthy bloggers” I mean bloggers who post more than once a month…). Although, I would say, and this’ll be my final word on the matter, the Hungry Saw? Don’t think anyone mentioned it…

Anyway, best to look to the future, I always say; we could spend a lot of time working who was right and who was wrong. Let’s just say there was fault on both sides, and leave it at that, eh?

Fulborn Teversham

2009 is alive and kicking and I’ve uncovered my first quirky gem of the year, although in true PP fashion, it’s been out almost two years already. Never mind, I feel pretty safe in saying that the Fulborn Teversham will have crept under all but the most vigilant of radars in that time. Although, quite how is beyond me, the thought of this unlikely mishmash of drums, saxes and squeaking vocals creeping past anything is hard to believe.

A quick Google for Fulborn Teversham reveals that they are the new side project of Seb Rochford. You know, the brains behind Polar Bear. Yeah, that Polar Bear, Mercury Music Prize nominees and all that (Oh do keep up!) and that they are releasing records on the magnificently named Pickled Egg label.

There is an album out at the moment, Count Herbert II, and it is available on Emusic, here. And I’m listening to it now – it’s rather wonderful, a real mixture of idling jazzy stuff and gangly honking Beefhart-style oddities. I’m loving it, and I can heartily recommend it…


Count Herbert II

Back in the game… Oh yes.

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