With one hand in the water running cold and clear; Fog obliterates the morning and I don’t know where I am

Hmmm, now I’m stirred into… well … action, another album I’m enjoying hugely at the moment could have featured in the Best of 2008 list I was going to write.

Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron

That record is “Lost Wisdom” by Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron. Phil Elvrum leads Mount Eerie, his previous band having been another band I’m starting to get a taste for – the Microphones. And Julie Doiron is yet another name floating around the outskirts of my current known world that also needs a little investigating.

The record they’ve made together is a beautiful, intimate affair with songs that are hard to pin down. Houses catch fire; winds, rivers and seas sweep across lives with little regard for anyone; the only signs that appear are dim shapes in the half light. Shadows, echoes and other wispy things all put in regular appearances and it’s all rather hard to grasp hold of at times. Great stuff.

I’d love to post a couple of tracks, but I can’t find any available online. There is this, though, a performance of the title track, apparently shot just days after the record was recorded. (There’s a fairly long intro, you might want to skip on to about 2:00)

I’ve also found this track by Julie Doiron available here, which is from her “Woke Myself Up”.

No More – Julie Doiron

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