I perch on bridges and bellow, while dreaming only of thee

I think I may have mentioned that one of the main reasons for my starting this Blog was that I hoped by so doing I would be overwhelmed by free CDs, backstage passes and offers of sexual favours.

Whilst I shall remain tight-lipped over the latter (a gentleman never tells), I have to say that on the former hopes, the haul has been less than impressive (five CDs and an invite to an in-store performance a hundred miles away). I have racked my brains about this lack of success in the freeloading department and am forced to conclude I’m just not that good at it. I do a piece on a band then forget all about them (literally so in at least one case), I get my name on mailing lists and then somehow don’t get round to passing on the updates I get from them. It’s hopeless, really.

Anyway, this is all going to change. And I’m starting here…

The Handsome Family

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Loose Records (see!) have made a new download from Brett and Rennie Sparks available to all, free of charge. Here’s what Loose say…

“They have long considered their music to be Romantic in the 19th century sense of the word: full of an awed sense of emotion in the face of nature’s mysteries and this has never before been clearer than on their eighth album Honey Moon – a collection of songs written to celebrate their twentieth year of marriage. It is, according to Rennie, a love song to the world that takes place under bowed branches and deep within winding corn mazes. Lovers kiss in dripping wet caves and call to each other from trembling mountain peaks. They sigh on windy drawbridges and weep silver puddles in the street.”

It’s a charming little number about insect love, and it made me smile

Darling My Darling

I’ve put the track up here, (mainly to make use of the Yahoo Media Player thingie I’m trying out…), but really you should go to the Loose Site itself and snag it there.

Happy Anniversary to both.

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