I will be the forest and you will be the dead tree

Sin Fang Bous

I’ve been listening to “Clangour”, an album by an Icelandic bloke calling himself Sin Fang Bous for most of the week. It’s a belting little record that skips along at a fair old pace, full of Tunng-like harmonies and idiosyncratic little glitches.

Watch this:

Sin Fang Bous is actually Sindri Mar Sigfusson, from Iceland who also plays in a more acoustic outfit called Seabear, but I’m not going to pretend I knew (or indeed know) much about either release, other than that “Clangour” is a record I shall be listening to a lot more in the next months.

Here, let Icelandic Music Export fill in the gaps:

Sin Fang Bous a.k.a. Sindri Mar Sigfusson, is traditionally known as the founder/frontman of Icelandic sensations Seabear. Though Seabear began as Sindri’s one-man project – he self-released the debut “Singing Arc” (2004) on his own – the project has gradually grown to encompass anything up to seven members.After putting out the glorious “The Ghost That Carried Us Away” in 2007, Sindri has once again returned to his solo origins, renaming himself Sin Fang Bous to release “Clangour”. Recorded and self-produced in his home studio, it sounds like he had a lot of fun making it.More electronic and upbeat than Seabear, it’s full of Animal Collective-style pop melodies, an esoteric rainbow of sounds and a savvy balance of the accessible and the experimental. IMX”

IMX, then go on to interview the man himself, and talk about his plans. (You can read the interview here)

Clangour is released by Morr Records, and has been out a mere two months (finger – pulse. Oh yes…). You can of course buy it from Emusic or from Morr themselves.

No free downloads from Sin Fang Bous, I’m afraid, (although there is another video available at Pitchfork TV), so I’m putting up my favourite two Seabears tracks from a giveaway EP – if you like them go back and get the others, here.

You’re Not Strange Enough – Seabears

Midori Green – Seabears

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