The ones you left behind are still with you…

My increasingly-cool son directed his increasingly out-of-touch old man to a useful website I shall be keeping my eye on in future. Lost At E Minor is one of those sites whose mission is to keep you abreast of all decent new stuff as it surfaces, some of it music and some of it other arty things. I quite like it on first glance and even if I never go there again, it has at least led me to this lot.

The Papercuts

The Parpercuts are from San Francisco and are mostly the vehicle of one Jason Quever. They write a pretty dense sort of a pop song and seem to be resolute in their determination to play real instruments – the various interviews and pieces I’ve read about them each seem to refer to Quever’s dislike of computer-y effects and electronic noodling. I like a bit of electronic jiggery-pokery if truth be told but let’s face it it’s generally window-dressing; if you can actually write songs why bother, eh?

There’s an album out at the moment, You Can Have What You Want, (available at your favourite download store – not that one, stupid…), their second, following 2004’s Mockingbird. This one has generally received good reviews, including an 8.3 from Pitchfork, (Joshua Klein making a laboured and ill-conceived analogy between the band and, you know, actual paper cuts…), and certainly seems to be full of enough Stephen Stills-y sharp songs to keep this hopelessly set-in-his-ways reviewer happy. I’m enjoying it, so far. They’re also on tour with Vetiver at the moment.

There’s a rather jolly, enthusiastic interview with Quever on Salad Days Music, here, where he talks about influences such as Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield and the White Album. You can also pick up a couple of mp3s there, one of which I’ll repost, the Prunes-ish 227th Exit, and you can pick up the other for yourself over there. (Actually do, it’s a terrific track off their first album called John Brown)

The other track I’m posting here is from their new record, and is also rather fine.

227th Exit – Papercuts

Future Primitive – Papercuts

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  1. Cole
    May 03, 2009 @ 20:00:00

    I’ve heard of them. But can’t remember where. I recall being tempted by their wares.


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