I lose control and I’m in that place

You were worried, you say?

Very sweet of you, but really you needn’t have…

Last three weekends have been completely taken out by school commitments (reports, assessments, blah-did-blah), but I’m back now. Actually I’m saying that, but it hasn’t been quite as relentless as I’m making out, I have managed to get along to a couple of gigs, and am out again tomorrow night. I am livin’ the life…

Old Peel faves the Wedding Present got along to the Guild Hall the week before last, and you can read about it here, at Martin’s site. Amazingly the night before, I had managed to breathe new life into my previously moribund iRiver. Joy unconfined was, however, turned into another one of those Doh moments that regular readers of this Blog will by now be familiar with. Got all my settings wrong and I fear the bootleg may well be unsaveable. It was a good night, although you’ll have to take mine and Martin’s words for it…

Then last weekend, found me and a couple of old mates in the lush surroundings of Westonbirt Arboretum, sat in deck chairs opening a few tins in the sun shine, waiting for Paul Weller to come on. Place was full of aging hipsters such as myself, and the fair sprinkling of parkas and boating jackets were only slightly offset by the number of bald and thinning pates in attendance. (I like to think of myself as more the latter than the former…)

The Wedding Present debacle still ringing in my ears I didn’t bring my elaborate and expensively assembled kit, but I did get this, which pretty much does the trick:

Cracking gig by a man who really is a legend and clearly still really fancies it.

More to come…

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