These are lurid times for sure, and our youth demands much more than the common girls in town can offer. We are different; we have breeding.

I’ve been trying for a while now to sort out a way to stream music on this site, everyone else seems to be doing it after all. I’m not stupid, I can sort these things out, can’t I?

I’ve fiddled for a while with the Yahoo Media Player and I think I may have got it working. Here’s my chance to try it for real…

Virgin of the Birds

I got an email from Jon of Abandoned Love Records, home of Grumpy Bear (here, here and here) and a few others. As well as being the head honcho and general kingpin of this much-admired organisation, Jon also plays in Morning Spy and has another side project called Virgin of the Birds. (Stick a broom up his arse and he’ll do the floors too, as they say…).

Virgin of the Birds, named after a poor translation of a painting by Dali, (which I’m guessing must be this one) is “Jon Rooney, co-founder of Bay Area indie pop band Morning Spy and devotee of hazy major-key melodies, unruly e-bow, and arcane balladry.” An e-bow is apparently an electronic device for plucking the strings of your guitar, using electro-magnetic fields. (I wikipedia-ed it, and, no, I’m not really any the wiser either…)

Jon’s e-mail told me that Virgin of the Birds have just released a free-to-download EP called Every Rival, that can be taken as a zip file from Abandoned Love, or you can download the first song, “I Loved John”.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really like this track at all, but the others aren’t anything like this one and are frankly much more worth your downloading time. I’m going to post the quirky “Ilona, You Should Still be my Vampire Attendant” track from that EP, (you can snag the rest from Abandoned Love), plus another song available from the site, “I Fear the Sea”.

Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant

I Fear the Sea

But, if I’ve got the coding right, you won’t have to download them “blind”. You should be able to click on the little triangle next to each song and they’ll stream magically across the air waves. Let’s see…

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