Get up, get down, get outside!

Well my Autumn of music moves on apace…

Frank Turner

Another evening of jigging and cheering, this time at the Anson Rooms in Bristol, with an impressive and vigorous Frank Turner. Not hugely impressed with the Anson Rooms, to be honest, just a large school hall with poor acoustics and an absolutely crazed heating system which made this probably the sweatiest gig I have ever been to.

Frank was great, though, tearing through a set which lasted a good hour and a half and covered most of the Love, Ire and Song album and a lot of his new one, Poetry of the Deed. I’m a new convert to him, really, having been completely unaware of his records until my friend Adam persuaded me to come to this gig. For most of the evening, it felt like I was in a minority of one, though, as song after song was greeted with cheers and rousing sing-alongs. In fact I don’t think I can remember a gig with as much enthusiastic singing and as many people who knew every song all the way through.

There’s something Turner does with his songs that seems to touch people quite deeply and make them relate to him, regardless of personal circumstance. I like the songs on Love, Ire and Song, chiefly because he seems to be dealing with issues of growing old (dis)gracefully, which as a gentleman of a certain age touches a chord with me. But at the Anson Rooms, there were very few old geezers like me, and most people were under 25, I’d say, and so it was a little weird to hear the whole hall singing along to Photosynthesis with gusto.

He played over twenty of his songs, bantered cheerily with the audience, invited one game lad to play a harmonica solo during Dan’s Song and did a wild encore of another ten minutes before traipsing off exhausted (and presumably satisfied) at eleven o’clock. I made some recordings of the gig, which have come out OK, and am attaching some of my favourite numbers, although to be honest, I could have put a good few more:

The Road


Love, Ire & Song

Long Live the Queen

Great gig and a lovely bloke.

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