Open the bottle and let the wine breathe

Ofsted prowls with murderous intent on the doorstep of our beleaguered establishment, causing adults who probably should know better to careen hysterically about the place.
It’s all a bit hairy really – I hope they come soon…

Alasdair Roberts

Am currently very keen on this album from Scottish folk singer, Alasdair Roberts. Clearly a kindred spirit with Will Oldham, he manages to fill out some classic (or classic-sounding) old songs with a little light and shade – just enough to make it a little more edgy.

Just looking around the Internet, I came across this superbly pretentious article and interview which made me laugh aloud. Didn’t understand a word of it!

No downloads around at the moment, but a trip to YouTube yields a few good shows and a rather fine collection of Andy Goldsworthy videos set to the tune of a Roberts’ song.

I’ve linked to this show, however, mainly because, having spent a day on school work, I slipped my wearisome bonds and got along to it in person.

A very pleasant evening that I’m glad to return to.

He might stay, but he will leave in the morning

Rather too many lists and bootlegs of recent. Let’s get back to basics…

Pants Yell!

A truly awful band name (surely, the worst…), but one to listen out for, nonetheless…

Pants Yell! (I’m sure the exclamation mark is vital) hail from Boston and are a three-piece writing genuine pop songs, with lovely brittle guitar lines that skitter around energetically.

I’ve just downloaded what is their fourth album out on Slumberland, Received Pronunciation, and am still giving it its first listen, so I can’t really speak with any authority. What I can say about it is that there’s a real hum about the record that for me could go either way – a huge grower or a hasty dismissal. Obviously I’m hoping for the former, but right now I’m not too fussed which way it’s going to go. I’m living in the moment (and thoroughly enjoying it).

I rather like what Slumberland have written about them. Have a listen…

Slumberland are one of those labels that have a very cool roster of bands (Cause Co-Motion!, Crystal Stilts, Pains of Being Pure at Heart) and we may well be hearing more from them on these pages. In the meantime, the good folk over there are giving away a track from the record “Cold Hands” which you can snag here, but there are another couple of Pants Yell! tracks available on the Asaurus site too, here.

I will also be giving a listen to the third album, Alison Statton, intriguingly named after the singer from bedroom luminaries of my youth, the Young Marble Giants. Endearingly, Popfrenzy, (another of their old labels) have a short clip of Ms Statton herself giving a luke-warm endorsement of the band and apparently asking for them to send her a copy of the record.

Love it…

I can’t keep my hand on the plough because it’s dying

There are one or two very patient punters out there!

Mr Hooligan has pointed out (with commendable restraint) that the Chinese White link I posted a couple of days is still not working.

For once this is not down to my oft-referred to cack-handedness – I’ve actually tagged this correctly this time – but all the fileden links seem to have crashed. I have no idea why.

So anyway, here’s a .RAR file fo all four songs, which people can snag until I get my (ahem) shit together… Hitchcock Green Man ’09.rar

Even kissed you once or twice…

Very sad news…