Home, home in the late night…

I guess I’ve definitely missed the boat as far as the second part of my Bristol trip is concerned – LCD Soundsystem – it was nearly a fortnight ago, after all… This, coupled with the entirely predictable fact that, for the second time in two days, I was incapable of setting up my iRiver properly and came out with a recording of an hour’s silence. (I disappoint myself, I really do…)


Suffice to say, it was an absolutely cracking evening, one I enjoyed probably even more than the Scratch affair, and I have spent the following two weeks working through the three LCD Soundsystem, Martin kindly furnished me with as homework.

The salient points were, in no particular order:

  • They were loud (very loud) and obsessed with rhythmic patterns
  • It was impossible to stand still
  • The Academy is a “proper” rock venue
  • Terrific versions of “Daft Punk…”, “Yeah”, “Tribulations” and “Get Innocuous!” were to be had, dashed off effortless and with maximum energy (if that makes sense…)
  • I was ridiculously happy to hear “Losing My Edge” – the only track I was able to recognise for myself. (That was then, now I am a t-shirt wearing, fully paid up member of the club…)
  • Support band Yacht were from Portland and put on an enthusiastic and confident showing. They’re probably worth searching out, and if I get my shit together, I may even post about them…
  • James Murphy’s words are interesting – I really liked the fact that they were not just a dance band, (although I was gently and justifiably mocked by Martin and Steve for suggesting that the lyrics are worth swotting up on…)
  • It’s possible to drink far more than you imagine whilst killing a day on your own…


Great gig, and there’s a quite a lot of footage on YouTube of this tour, which is well worth searching out.

Tonight, I am again off to Brizzle, again to Colston Hall, for what I imagine will be a slightly more genteel affair, seeing Gotan Project. Of course, by the time I post this, it may well have come and gone…I will be taking my recorder along, and who knows what will happen?

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