Pensamientos del corazon

I’d kind of forgotten why I liked Parisian trio Gotan Project so much – I remember being mad for them a couple of years ago when I first came across their dub-heavy latin-flovoured version of trip-hop – but things fade, don’t they? Bought their new record, the unfortunately-named Tango 3.0, a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t really make any waves…

Until last Thursday anyway, when Josie and I zipped off after work and made  our way to the capital of the South West, for another evening’s entertainment at Colston Hall.

What a fantastic set! It brought back to me all the reasons I went off at the deep end before – the reedy, insistent tones of the bandoneon, the rich deep bass lines, the Spanish vocals and samples, the dubby electronic noodling. The bass was particularly chest-shivering at times. Fantastic stuff!

On top of all this, they used a projector and video to excellent effect as a backdrop, sometimes showing trippy colour effects, others playing footage of guest vocalists and musicians, as if they were coming on stage in the flesh. It worked particularly well with the two Spanish rappers in Mi Confesion. Mesmerising watching…

The best news of all was that it was third time lucky for my iRiver and I got a pretty good recording of the whole set, highlights of which I’ll post in the next couple of days. Also managed to video parts of the evening too, although having wrestled with bloody Movie Maker for ages, I’ve only managed, as yet, to get one clip online so far.

Here’s a video of the magnificent Panamericana, from Tango 3.0, which at one point morphs into Triptico and back again:

Wow. Great evening. Will try to post some more about soon….

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