Siki Siki Baba

I’ve been reading Princes Among Men by Garth Cartwwright, thoughtfully bought for me by my friend Tom, about the writer’s trips around the Balkans meeting Roma musicians, and hearing wild Gypsy music.

It’s a great book, opening up a new world of European music to me that is a million miles away from MTV and hip hop.

On top of that there’s a companion record to the book where you get to listen to tracks from many of the musicians, and you have to say it is very funky, very brassy. Really crazy.

Here’s one of the brass bands referred to, Kocani Orcestar from Macedonia:

I have to say I’m not sure if this is actually the right Kocani Orcestar (I think it is) – apparently the band split in Berlin, with one feller taking the name and dumping the rest of them, and releasing a kind of watered down version of their Gypsy stomp. The rest continued under the “Original Kocani Orcestar” banner, which is this lot…

I recognised their most well known song “Siki, Siki Baba” as having been covered by Beirut, and (Michael informs me) turning up on the Borat soundtrack…

Gives me an excuse to post one of our favourite vids, originally on Blogotheque. Another corker…

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