What once resembled rules sure enough turned into jokes

A great gig at the Guildhall Friday night…

I love the Guildhall! Although I spend quite a lot of my time looking jealously at the wealth of interesting gigs they have going in other bigger (cooler) cities, every now and again the Guildhall pulls off a bit of a coup.

In fact, they’ve been pretty busy recently – the Klaxons, Toploader, Lightning Seeds, none of whom I’ve been terribly interested to see, but I figure it keeps the old place going and able to put on more interesting acts.

…like Field Music

As everyone else seems to know, Field Music are from Sunderland and their heart and core is made up of two brothers, David and Peter Brewis, who are when all’s said and done, two musical clever buggers.

Turn out was pretty disappointing (people saving themselves for Toploader, no doubt) but that all worked in our favour, as it turned out. Tables, chairs and candles were all laid out, and the hall was prepared side-on, as in the old Acoustica (RIP) days, which gave the gig a rather intimate feel. In fact as the evening developed, I found myself feeling rather smug about being here in these close surroundings, everybody else missing out…

I’d tried to do my homework on Field Music, not having been at the races until the gig was announced a couple of months ago, and I’d been partially successful, but as seems to be the case more and more, it took the evening itself to jolt me into an understanding of just how good these fellers are.

Complex, nervy guitar lines, surrounded intelligent fragile harmonies, and as each song moved into the next I felt myself enjoying all the awkward, difficult elements of each tune more and more. I reckon the Brewis’ must have dozens of fragments of musical ideas and lyrics banging around in their collective brain at any point. Every song seemed to have two or three different voices colliding against each other trying to be heard. It was wonderful, grown-up stuff.

Highlights for me were prickly versions of If Only The Moon Were Up; Tell Me Keep Me and Clear Water, but to be honest there wasn’t a wasted moment.

I managed to get my shit together and record the whole evening:

If Only The Moon Were Up

Tell Me Keep Me

Clear Water

Them That Do Nothing

Field Music at the Guildhall, June ’10

Terrific stuff, fellers.

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