You will never come close to how I feel…

We all have touchstones, places we like to return to at regular intervals, natural positions we return to after periods of venturing out. Musically, my touchstone has always been the wonky, basic sounds of psychedelia…

Tame Impala

The Emusic community is getting pretty excited about an Australian band with the rather dumb name of Tame Impala, who’ve just released their first album, Innerspeaker. I’ve heard some of their earlier tracks from a previous EP, but they’re pretty generic stoner rock, with heavy, heavy rock influences, and not really that memorable.

The album, though, is a lighter, tighter affair, still dipped from head to foot in the sixties, but with something of a more “English” feel to it. Some of the clumsier Vanilla Fudge-style riffing has been reined in, and they manage to sound like some of the freak beat bands of the mid-sixties.

I like it a lot, but as I said I’m at heart a sixties fan. For a more modern comparison, I think you could look at the Besnard Lakes, taking out some of the Brian Wilson influences and replacing them with Cream or the PrettyThings. Currently touring the US with MGMT, they have quite a decent website which includes three or four mix-tapes they’ve put together. (I approve…)

Here’s a video of their single, Solitude is Bliss, the world apparently falling about their ears…

The sage folk at Emusic are rarely far off…

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