Mount Kimbie

As a gentleman of a certain age, I tend to be a little wary of going too far down the road marked “cool young thing” – not my time to shine, and all that. But I do occasionally summon up the courage put on my sneakers and venture out…

This time, prior to going off to Barcelona, I consulted Pitchfork and loaded up the iPhone with a few new records gleaned from their Recent Reviews section. As it turned out, they were all excellent, really good, and I shall have to spend a bit more time on the Pitchfork pages in the future.

Probably my favourite purchases was a new record from a couple of fellers calling themselves Mount Kimbie from London, who are probably well known to any Radio One listeners who’ve strayed onto these pages by some horrible mistake. It’s a cracking album, full of fidgety, metropolitan sounds that remind me of the Burial records that I went loopy over a couple of years ago.

In fact, turns out another album I went overboard for recently – The xx record -had some input from Mount Kimbie, in that the last track was a version of Basic Space, remixed by the boys themselves – I remember liking it too.

There’s a free download knocking around the Internet, and I’ll sneak another one on for a week or so…


Before I Move Off

There’s also a podcast dj set available from their label Hotflush Recordings, which I can heartily recommend.

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