Just Enough

OK here’s the other absolute belter I downloaded from Emusic on Pitchfork’s recommendation to go to Barcelona.

Julian Lynch is something of a one man enterprise from New Jersey, who specialises in what folk tend to call blissed-out pop. Not sure I really like the term to describe his blend of slower, sixties-leaning, drunken sounding beats. To be honest “blissed-out” suggests clarity, albeit sleepy and dreamlike, which isn’t the right way to describe this record at all. There’s something likeably distorted and out of focus about it. Chords quiver and ripple, words are mumbled or even obscured, strange noises off screen intrude and distract. In spite of all this blurring, there’s nothing unpleasant or difficult about the record – it’s a very lazy, lavish listen; all rather nice for the holidays.

If you go to his bandcamp site you can stream each of his three albums, completely – the one I’ve just bought is his latest one, Mare, which Pitchfork gave an 8.5 here. But why take their word for it (or indeed mine), here’s a couple of freebies knocking round the Internet:

Just Enough


There’s also a video produced by Lynch himself for my favourite track from the record, A Day at the Racetrack. It’s very cool.

Mare was released in June, and is being distributed by Old English Spelling Bee who are worth keeping an eye out, because once I started looking at their blog, there’s some decent other stuff on there. Have a look at this by a band called Big Troubles, it’s rather fine too…

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